Graphics used by Marketing Aimed at Children

For my research I want to look at the images, colours and graphic associations used by companies to directly market and influence children and there immense buying power.

Mostly looking at the food and beverage and fast food industry. Their use of cartoon characters, movie and tv characters to sell high calorie and saturated foods to children. eg. McDonalds happy meals, cereal boxes containing prizes etc.

I want to look at the changing laws to do with these types of products aimed at children and the new regulations by the government to stop the associations of children buying nutritionally bad food because it has there favourite cartoon character associated with it. Or they are given a prize or should I say bribe for buying this unhealthy product.

The way society is slowly changing the association between cartoon characters and bright colours to not only associate with bad food choices eg. Sesame streets Cookie monster now only eats cookies as a sometimes food, rather than eating them constantly on screen.


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