Conduct Research – Tattoo Design Brett

I’m going to base my research on tattoo design history till today and the influence in graphic design throughout the years. Here are s few topics that I would like to cover…

Tattoo Time line in history –

*Tattoo’s found on mummy’s in Egypt – History and Design

*Famous tattooist’s and their designs – Sailor Jerry, Ed hardy etc

*Ed Hardy – Designs into a fashion trend

*Tv shows and reality tv made “celebrity tattooist’ – La ink – Miami ink – Kat Von D

*Tattoo’s in todays marketing/Design CD/DRINKS/POSTERS/CLOTHING

*Styles of tattoo design/Tattoos in culture JAPANESE/SAILOR/ARABIC/THAI/TRIBAL the meanings and origins of design

*Tattoo Typography

*Graphic designers designing tattoo’s –

*Tattooist’s drawing and selling work on canvas

*Interview Tattooist – What’s popular designs? Are allot of tattoo’s done original pieces? etc etc

*Trends of tattoo’s what was popular in what era, try and find out why

*Tattoo Magazines


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