A better world by design

      WHAT’S THE POINT OF DESIGNING something gorgeous and useful if it makes us feel guilty, because we know that it’s ethically or environmentally irresponsible?
     At this time of unprecedented environmental, social and economic crises, should we be 
creating the deceptions that encourage continuous consumption or figuring out a way to 
help counter it?

     In a world where design has become a recognised corporate asset, designers and their 
clients have the opportunity to use their persuasive skills responsibly and to accelerate 
awareness. Just think of how quickly the plastic bag has become taboo in many countries. 
Designers create much of what the world sees, wants, buys, uses and experiences.
Imagine using their professional power, persuasive skills, and wisdom to help distribute 
ideas that the world really needs: health information, conflict resolution, tolerance, 
technology, freedom of the press, 
freedom of speech, human rights and democracy.
      Studies have found that up to 80% of a product’s environmental impacts are already locked in at the design stage when key decisions are made about materials, production, distribution, operation and end-of-life management.  Design can make an important contribution to the preservation of the environment. Making sustainable design affordable is a huge factor. It conserves resources and minimises physical and visual pollution throughout the life cycle of the product.
Factors to consider.
* Product need
* Product durability and longevity
* Specification of environmentally preferable materials
* Energy and water efficiency during manufacture and use
* Reduction or elimination of greenhouse gas emissions, toxic and hazardous substances and embodied energy

* Design for straightforward disassembly, reuse, refurbishment and recyclability

* Product stewardship such as take-back and recycling schemes

* Packaging minimisation

* User information and education


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