Design Ignites Change – Shepard Fairey




Given the recent erosion of the United States’ moral reputation and economic status as a super power, the social and political criticism of Shepard Fairey’s street artbecomes more poignant. Abandoned buildings, empty wall spaces, and streets have become his blank canvas and target to raise his voice and pose questions.

Fairey is  responsible for one of the most iconic images in recent history.

He has produced two artworks that have literally changed the world — or at least, substantially affected public discourse. That’s two more than most artists can claim. First, his long-running, ubiquitous “Obey Giant” campaign, inspiration for many a street artist and guerrilla ad campaign. Second, his messianic red-white-and-blue Barack Obama, which became an official campaign image last year.

Fairey’s role as an artist and cultural worker, demanding attention in a loud, unpleasant voice with messages designed to awaken large audiences through poster art, has been highly successful. Whether it’s graphic design, fine art or his signature clothing line, every Fairey production makes a stimulating statement.

Shepard Fairey is passionate about the future of art and design as a force for social change.


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