Recycling Paper.

 Sustainability is not just being green it relates to everything we consume and make. It is part  of every aspect of the print and digital design industries; from the paper we print on, to the energy  used to generate the electricity to power our machines and studios. Everything we interact with on this planet is interconnected, so understanding how to first limit our environmental footprint is extremely important. The rest of the story is unwritten, and at this point no one really knows what sustainability will look like.

However, this is why you, the designer is here. It’s our job to design a better future. It’s terrifying and exciting in the same breath. Paper is of our major issues considering is use in most mass media including papers, magazines, billboards, flyers ect: Recycling this paper should be a major solution, right? However, there are different definitions of ‘recycled’ within the industry – paper can be called ‘recycled’ when only a percentage of the fibre is actually recycled. There is also a big difference between post and pre-consumer recycled waste paper. Environmentally Sound Paper (ESP) is paper that has a minimal impact on the environment. This is determined from the source of the raw material, and how it is manufactured. The most commonly acknowledged type of ESP is paper that has been recycled from used paper. Other types of paper such as paper made from alternative fibres other than wood and paper reclaimed from landfill etc. can be said to be environmentally sound.











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