The Mantra ‘ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. Danni


One Simple Motto- ‘Buy and use only what you really need and then get rid of it properly when you have finished with it’ could make a huge difference in helping to reduce the mountain of waste that is threatening to destroy our eco system. As those responsible, in one way or another, for most of the products we purchase, designers bear a heavy responsibility to make sure that our shopping is environmentally friendly.

Narrowing down to twodesigners who rather than shy away from a challenge, have actively embraced it. They believe that eco-design is the only way foward and they are putting their money where their mouths are by dedicating themselves to sustainable practices in their design processes.

Dutch Designer David Graas’s work is best known for his series of cardboard furniture. 100% recyclable, these designs come flat packed allowing them to be shipped more easily and keep
cost low by having the user assemble them. The series includes a lounge, coffee table, dining table and a range of light box fittings.

London based graphic designer Becky Redman’s vision “A world without plastic bags. Solar-powered printers printing with only vegetable inks. Everybody recycling, re-using, reducing and composting. Designing simpler. Better. Smarter.” Her “F*#@ING RECYCLE” poster collection has been designed to increase awareness and promote action. Statistics and simple commands about recycling and waste provides the foundation of her typographic exploration. Her series includes 50 different posters which have been screen printed on 100% recyclable paper.


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