NIKE – reuse a shoe program. – SAM


Since 1990 Nike has collected 25,056 779 shoes and they have recycled these shoes into more than 300 surface donations using “Nike Grind” including 5 basketball ball courts constructed in New Orleans to help “rebuild New Orleans two feet at a time”.
Other donations internationally include a outdoor basketball court at Ayers Rock and in 2005 the perimeter track around the field at the world-famous Manchester United Football Club is refurbished using Nike Grind surfacing.

In 2004 Nike and the re-use a shoe program introduce, Air to Earth, A school curriculum designed to teach students important concepts about our environment.

2008 – Nike places re-use a shoe bins in all of its U.S retail stores – Over 150 locations –

“Reuse-A-Shoe and Nike Grind work with Nike’s Considered Design philosophy – a companywide ethos built around designing the best products for the best athletes while using the most sustainable methods possible.It all comes back to our vision of a closed-loop business – where waste at different stages of our operations, from our contract factories to transportation and eventually our products at the end of their life, can be recycled – as much of it as possible back into new Nike product.Today, your worn-out athletic shoes can already live on in something new: a track, a basketball court, a playground. But tomorrow, our goal is that sports shoes, apparel and equipment will also be recycled into new Nike products. This way the materials we use will go through many cycles of design, manufacture and use. Just like bottles, cans and paper do now.Call it another example of Nike innovation. Call it the road to sustainability. Or just call it the right thing to do. No matter what you call it, it’s no small task – and it takes a companywide dedication to changing the way we work. ” –



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