Ideas designers can do to save the earth – Brett

Few would argue that as an industry graphic designers contribute to the depletion of precious natural resources and the create of harmful environmental effects. Papers, printing, inks and packaging are integral to graphic design. Each has serious environmental impacts. Here are 3 clever ways to become more green.

1. Use Ecofont for business printing             

Of course, you want to use more PDFs than paper. But for those times when only a written document will do, change from Times Roman or Arial over to ecofont. It’s a free, multi-platform font based on Verdana, that’s full of holes — the Swiss cheese of type — to save around 20% of the toner you’re currently wasting.

2. Use your Mac dashboard for sustainability tips        
Divided into three sections; “paper”, “print” and “more info”, the sustainable graphic design widget delivers basic information about the environmental impacts that design methods and techniques have. 

Designed primarily as an easily-accessed working tool for designers, the widget also has some ethical tips and links to other websites with more information.

3. Don’t print on paper                        
Not every project can move from print to the web. But that doesn’t mean you have use tree-fiber-based paper to get the job done. Yupo is a Japanese company that invented synthetic paper a surprising number of years ago (Around 30), and now produces a large range of weights and sizes for commercial printing of all kinds. It’s bright white, printing appears especially crisp, and the “paper” is 100% recyclable. and it’s completely waterproof!


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