Green, sustainable graphic design

Designers ability to create aesthetically beautiful design materials is important, but also work created does not destroy our environment. Communicating, persuading and ultimately spreading a socially and ecologically responsible message to both consumers and corporations are incorporated in all phases of design process, e.g. printing/binding.

Is Soy Ink better than conventional ink?

“Conventional” ink is petroleum based using a mixture of water resins, pigments, and a variety of toxic metals such as barium, copper and zinc ; a major source of headaches and dizziness. Soy ink is made from soybean oil, pigments, resins and waxes, does not contain all of the heavy metals.

Soy based ink is also great for printing full color stationery, as the heating point is much greater than petroleum based ink, which means less likelihood the colors on your stationery will run, fade, or ruin your laser printer.

Ecological Guide to Paper

Most graphics professionals search for paper of the highest quality, functionality, and best price and help preserve the environment. The recycled and tree-free papers generate fewer toxins and impact the environment far less than typical virgin wood, chlorine-bleached papers.

Cost Rica Natural paper for example manufactures and distributes tree-free paper, acid-free, durable, chemical-free, better than recycled paper using post-consumer waste and agricultural waste: banana stem peduncle, cotton stalk rich in lignin and cellulose, cigar, coffee, lemon, mango and tobacco papers.Banana paper

In Australia there is enormous scope for wood-free paper sources: wheat, rice, cotton, bananas, sugar cane, cotton waste generated by clothing industry. As always, cost is major factor given the economies of scale achieved by huge wood paper mills and superior quantity, quality, versatility, and recyclability to paper made from wood fibre.

Green Graphic Design
Go Green Graphic Design 

Costa Rica Natural Paper
Ecological Guide to Paper
Wood-Free Paper 


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