Green Graphic Design

A book by Brian Dougherty

Michelle Davies

Breaking down the concept of green design, designer Brian Dougherty captures the ability of designers to communicate, persuade, and spread a socially and ecologically responsible message to consumers and corporations.

Green Graphic Design asks designers to rethink their creative work practices, while remaining focused on costs and corporate identity.

He believes designers should design backwards, taking a mental journey, from a project’s ultimate destination, arriving back at the design studio. In this way looking at waste, user experience, delivery, warehouse, bindery and printing. Finding the ‘greenest’ solutions.

A Celery Design

The book is well illustrated and contains many case studies of green designs. A Sustainability Scorecard is explained and a glossary of key terms and resources make it easy to implement practical green solutions in your own work.

Brian Dougherty is a partner at Celery Design Collaborative and a recognized leader in green design. He is a founding member of the board of advisors for the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design, and lives and works in California.

“I like to think of design as a big, ripe avocado. The outer layer of this avocado represents the physical world of paper and print. Yet if we peel back the skin of the avocado, we discover the meat. This is the realm of brand and information. All of that stuff on the exterior really exists in order to convey information and deliver messages. If we dive still deeper …we find one more layer-the seed at the center. This seed represents the central challenge around which all of the messages and stuff of design revolve: effecting change.”

Packaged in used soft drink bottles


Designing for Sustainability – 3 videos (One with Brian)

Celery Design Collaborative

Green Thinkers on Design

AIGA Center for Sustainable Design

Preview Green Graphic Design online


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