The forgotten “aaaaaart Nuevo” Blog [ By Madii:) ]

Art Nouveau is an international philosophy of design that encourages artists to spread the style across all designable mediums. Roughly translated as ” New Art” the movement was created to make the style a part of everyday life . Originating in France, the style was most popular in Europe and the british islands between 1890- 1905, but soon spread as far as Italy, the americas and Germany among many others. Many artists adopted this style such as Alfons Mucha who is responsible for strongly influencing the style with a famous poster that appeared on the the streets of france in january 1890 as an advertisement for a local theater play. The style was initially named Style Mucha after the artist but soon became known as Art Nouveau. An American artist most associated with the movement was Louis Tiffany who adapted the nouveau style into his work with stained glass. Unlike other movements around that time Art Nouveau artist’s embraced many technological innovations of the 19th century therefore giving Art Nouveau a distinct apperance. They Readily used new materials, machined surfaces, and abstraction in the service of pure design. The style is characterized by its organic especially floral and other plant inspired motifs as well as very stylized flowing curvilinear forms. Although the style has now been replaced by 20th century Modernist styles it is considered now as an important transitional period between Neoclassicism and Modernism.


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