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Swiss Design

This style period has it roots back in 1918, and continues to the present.

In 1918 the designer/teacher Ernst Keller from the Zurich school of Arts and Crafts experimented and created a design system.
This system was characterized by a rigid, grid format, structured layout and unjustified type.
In the 1940’s the design schools in Zurich and Basel Switzerland (which at the time became the centre of growth for design), played with the ideas of Keller’s and placed high importance on objective photography and sans serif type.  Although this “system” stressed order and precision, lending itself to discourage individuality, artists such as, Hofmann, Brockmann and Bill have proved this wrong.

The style has been emulated by many designers, and the use of grids in design has influenced the development of web design on many levels.

It evolved in the 1950’s and is admired for its clean, factual and highly structured approach to organizing and presenting information.
The Swiss Style was embraced world wide by the 1970’s, becoming widely used in American corporate design in order to impart “Communicative Clarity”.

LINKS –;jsessionid=B40EE5DF54063C3AB5B2306F9BC6F9CA.smart2?sequence=1

Fiat in Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design


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