Bauhaus (Luca De Michele)

The Bauhaus was the first model of the modern art school, was a school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts, and was famous for the approach to designthat it publicized and taught. It operated from 1919 to 1933 and was founded Walter Gropius (a German architect) in Weimar.

The central idea behind the teaching at the Bauhaus was productive workshops.

The Bauhaus contained a carpenter’s workshop, a metal workshop, a pottery in Dormburg, facilities for painting on glass, mural painting, weaving, printing, wood and stone sculpting.The Bauhaus architecture featured functional design, as opposed to the elaborate Gothic architecture of Germany. Famous modern artists like Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger and Kandinsky were invited to lecture at the school.

The Bauhaus moved three times: first location was Weimar (Germany), second was Dessau (Germany) and at last moved in Berlin.

Regard for Bauhaus typography is well-known for placing text at angles and also wrapping text around objects. The typography style is still used in modern day designs and posters. One of the most notable was a print designed for the Obama Presidential Campaign, a rally that was held in Berlin.

Important people of this moviment are: Wassily Kandinsky, Hannes Meyer, Marianne Brandt, those are only few of many artist of Bauhaus.


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