CLEA – POST#2 Futurism – Dada – Constructivism – Expressionism – Art Deco

Having taken a look with the previous post at what was happening in design at the start of c20th (Classicism, Historicism, William Morris, The Arts & Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau through to Informative Functionalism) in Post2 you will move further into the century and look into one of the following movements:





Art Deco

Consider the following criteria when discussing your chosen area:

WHO – were the major designers of the movement?

WHAT – kind of artefacts did they design?

WHEN – did they design these items?

WHERE – did these movements take place?

WHY – did they design the way they did? What else was going on at the time that might have influenced the development of these design/art movements (i.e. social, cultural, political, environmental and/or other influences?

HOW – did these movements challenge existing conventions of their time?

It may be useful to look at this interactive timeline I have found to get an overview:

* Post 2 due by end of class next week (17/5) Thank you!


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