Arts and Craft 1890-1915 (Hemensley)

The Arts and Crafts movement flourished in England between 1890 and 1910. . 

It soon spread to Europe, North America and Australia.

The movement was a reaction against the poor quality of design and lifestyle 

during the Industrial Revolution. Members of the movement included artists, 

architects, designers, craftsmen and writers. These members believed that 

the growth of industry had destroyed traditional skills and had removed the 

pride that a craftsman could find in their work.

             William Morris was a leading member of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Best  known for his amazing fabric and wallpaper pattern designs. Morris combine  his  love for medieval literature with his craftsman workshop ethic into the Kelmscott  press. The first and most famous of the private press movement.  Kelmscott books re- awakened the lost ideals of book design and inspired higher standards of production at a time when the printed page was at its poorest. The private press movement increased appreciation for fine printing as well as revived the field of typographic  design.



The font Jugendstil Kunsthand is based on a sample of late 19th century lettering 

in a style often associated with artists of the Jugendstil Art Nouveau movement 

in Germany. The characters are done in heavy outline with a rough-hand drawn look. 

The style is interesting because it shows the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement 

on Art Nouveau with many of the characters featuring alternate versions that nest 

together in a manner typical of Arts & Crafts lettering.


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