Mir Iskusstva (World Of Art) – Brett


World of Art (Mir iskusstva in Russian) Was an artistic movement inspired (and embodied) by an art magazine which served as its manifesto de facto, which was a major influence on the Russians who helped revolutionize European art during the first decade of the 20th century.

The world of art collection includes many portraits of the artists as well as political figures, such as Czar Alexander III. Their facial expressions, color and medium choice provide a glimpse into the significant celebrities represented in Russian society at the time. Existing between 1897 and 1924 by a group of students that included Konstantin Somov, Leon Bakst and Alexandre Benois.

The Mir Iskusstva contributed to Russian design not just particular visual ideas or styles, but perhaps more importantly an entirely new understanding of the design environment as a World of Art and explored and mixed diverse historical sources. The influence of these erudite and independent artist-designers even spread throughout the world through the sensationally successful productions of the early Ballets Russes. it show’s that while they attained a high degree of sophistication in their design work, their diverse, cross-disciplinary activities allowed them to resist specialization and thus avoid the pitfalls of professionalism, remaining amateurs at heart.




http://www.encspb.ru/en/article.php?kod=2804030673 http://www.wakemag.org/sound-vision/mir-iskusstva-world-of-art/




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